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TX CHL CLASS with Digital Fingerprint Service Print

Yes, YOU CAN be fingerprinted during your CHL Class! 

We are an authorized MorphoTrust USA Center

For Fingerprint Scheduling, Call 888-467-2080

We can take your prints during your CHL class, or you can schedule another date of your choice.

In order to be fingerprinted during the class, you must:

  1. Complete your Texas CHL online application  prior to the class.
  2. Schedule a fingerprint appointment on the MorphoTrust website, with Crossfire Training, for the class day. You can also schedule by calling MorphoTrust at 888-467-2080 
  3. The fingerprinting fee is paid to MorphoTrust, USA, not to Crossfire Training, and they only accept credit cards on the website.  If you pay onsite, or at the class, it must be with CHECK or MONEY ORDER only

We are available for Digital and Ink Fingerprints, Notary Service, and Passport Photos

Hours vary by day.  Check the schedule at the MorphoTrust website

Inside Cabela's, the Fingerprinting office is under the stairs by the Footwear Department.  Yes, REALLY, we are UNDER the staircase.  The Cabela's front door greeter can direct you there.

We also have a NEW location in Denton.  We are located inside Scott Brown Properties:

1400 Dallas Drive, Suite 104
Denton, TX 76205
Office phone: 940-535-7058
For Fingerprint Scheduling, Call 888-467-2080
Do NOT call Crossfire Training, or Cabela's, to schedule fingerprinting. 
ONLY MorphoTrust Customer Service can schedule appointments.